☃️ Advent Calendar ☃️

Hello! I’m guessing that if you’re here, that means that you’re interested in participating in my ‘Advent Calendar’ 🤩 Thank you so much for your interest and please feel free to submit ideas for future questions (keep in mind that there will only be twelve of them)! I really hope that you have as much fun as me answering these, and I can’t wait to read your answers ☺️

❄️ December 2: What Movies or TV specials do you like to watch this time of year?

❄️ December 4: Share one or some of your favorite Christmas/Winter quotes? It can be from a book or anywhere else!

❄️ December 6: What are you planning to gift one of your loved ones this year?

❄️ December 8: Share one of your songs in your Christmas playlist! If you don’t have one, just tell us about a song you’re loving at the moment.

❄️ December 10: What book are you currently reading? What book do you want to read next? Have you read or are planning to read any Christmas books this month?

❄️ December 12: What is the ugliest Christmas ornament you have ever seen?

❄️ December 14: If you could be a character in a holiday movie, who would you be and why?

❄️ December 16: We’ve talked a lot about the best holiday songs, but what is a Christmas song that makes you cringe?

❄️ December 18: What is one of your favorite holiday dishes/food?

❄️ December 20: Give a random book recommendation!

❄️ December 22: Share one vivid Christmas memory, good or bad.

❄️ December 24: What is the true meaning of Christmas for you?