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Blogmas #14 | New To Me Authors 2020

Hello everyone and welcome to this new week! ❄️ As always, I hope you guys are having a great day and that you start the week with a good foot. Today, I’m actually, really, and officially free from any academic responsibilities ☺️ I know I told you guys a few days ago that I finished my last test from uni, but yesterday I finally graduated from classical Piano after almost 11 years 😆!! I’m really happy to have a few things to celebrate in this horrible year, and even though I didn’t get a normal ceremony, I’m really glad that I got anything at all. Do you guys have some good news to share? If you don’t that’s obviously fine as well, I would love to know how you are all doing because this year has been horrible overall 😪

Today, I’m sharing with you guys my first list!! Now that the end of the year is only a few weeks away, everyone is sharing their lists: Best Books, Best Authors, Biggest Disappointments… We love to make lists apparently 😅😂 So, on this occasion, I bring you all of the new authors I read this year! I’m super excited about this cause I didn’t even remember some of them were new to me with how much I LOVED them. However, I won’t be talking about every author because there are some that will definitely appear on other lists, and I don’t want to tell you guys the same thing over and over again 😄

BUT, before we continue we have to do our Advent Calendar!!

The objective of this Advent Calendar is to get to know each other better and learn about some of the things we love to do this time of year! I really hope that you guys decide to participate, and I can’t wait to read your answers as well. If you want to check out the upcoming questions go to this page.

If you could be a character in a holiday movie, who would you be and why?

Right now I guess I would be Michelle Pfeiffer’s character on New Year’s Eve. If you have never seen that movie, you HAVE to watch it. It’s one of my favorite holiday films 😍 I chose her because I really like her storyline. I think it’s very positive and endearing ☺️

Kate Stayman-London

This author is a new author in general, and even though I didn’t LOVE her book, I thought it was very good. The writing style and narrative were very original and perfect for the story. I’m intrigued, so I will probably pick up more of her books to see what I think of those next.

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K.D. Robichaux

This wasn’t my favorite romance, but it was fine. I really enjoyed the plot and all the stories about New Orleans (it was like a mini history lesson 😅), but I don’t think I will pick up any more books by this author. I might, if they’re similar to this one, but the ones she has already published don’t really appeal to me.

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Mariana Zapata

Mariana Zapata is an author that I’m dying to read more from. I had so much fun with both books–The Wall of Winnipeg and Me and Hands Down. Even though they’re very different… they’re not? What I mean is that it’s clearly the same author and the same world, but the stories and characters are all well-defined and different. Regardless, I’m not sure if she’ll become a favorite because I’m not the biggest fan of slow-burn romances 😬, but I’m intrigued and will definitely pick up some of her other novels.

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Sawyer Bennet

Well, I didn’t love these books but I didn’t hate them. I really enjoy reading sport romance novels so I had fun with them, but I just got a little tired of it and stopped reading. I think the writing style was a little repetitive, and reading them back to back turned out to be tiresome–though, the stories are all good. Unfortunately, I’m not completely sold on this author yet. Whether or not I’ll read more of her books… That debate is still in question 😕


Morgan Rhodes

I think I’ve told you guys a lot about this author and her series (Falling Kingdoms) already. I definitely recommend it if you want to delve into fantasy because it is a great beginner series 😄 I would love to read more books of hers, but I’m not sure if this series’ spinoff is finished or if she has any others that might interest me.

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  • Emily Henry
  • Casey McQuiston
  • Talia Hibbert

What are some of the new authors you’ve discovered this year? Any recommendations?