Blogmas Announcement & Blogging Advent Calendar

Hello everyone! How are you all doing? ❄️

Can you guys believe that December is only a week away 😱 One the most wonderful and magical times of the year is upon us! I don’t know about all you, but I could definitely use some joy. This year has definitely not been easy, and I know that many people won’t be able to celebrate Christmas (or other traditions) as they usually do. However, I am one of those corny people that insists that the true spirit of this time of year is unity and love. So, obviously, I’m thrilled that the time has finally arrived 😄!

This is my first Christmas here on this blog, and I’m not really sure about what everyone else does 😬 However, I do know that many people do Blogmas, and I’m so happy to say that I will be joining in the fun this year! I’m super excited and it’s a challenge that I’m looking forward to 😆 I’m still not sure if I’ll only do it until Christmas or if I’ll dare to do the entire month. We’ll see 👀 But will I die the first two weeks while I’m trying to blog everyday, finish all of my projects, and study for my finals? Probably. Am I currently procrastinating everything that I have to do in order to announce that I’m making my life harder for myself? Definitely 😅

Besides posting everyday, I want to try my hand at something else. I have never done an advent calendar because they’re not a thing where I live, however I think it’s an interesting concept and I wanted to translate it into blogging. So, I came up with twelve short questions, both Winter and Book related, to answer every two days (aka every even numbered day until December 24), and I’m hoping that you guys decide to join me in this as well ☺️! I will be sharing the questions with a few days notice so that you have time to prepare your answer and, hopefully, we’ll all learn more about each other. Also, I’ll be trying to make them as general as possible so that everyone who wants to can participate because I know that not everyone celebrates Christmas 😉

Anyways, I hope you guys have a wonderful day! Let me know if you will be doing Blogmas as well or if you’re interested in taking part on my ‘Advent Calendar’.