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Let’s Talk about The 100

Before you proceed I will warn you. There are lots of spoilers on this post. If you haven’t watched season 7 of The 100, please don’t read this. If you still haven’t watched Episode 13, PLEASE don’t read this. I repeat, there are lots of spoilers (of the entire show) and I didn’t hold back. I hate when people ruin things for me and I don’t want to do that to you too. Please don’t continue reading if you think this will spoil something for you. There are LOTS of spoilers on this season, not only what you think you may know.

This is usually not the type of posts I do. I try to stick to books and adaptations but… I need to talk about this. And if anyone wants to question my choice, then I argue that The 100 is also a book (even though it has nothing to do with the TV show).

Anyways, if you’re still here you have probably seen the latest season. If you’re still here, you have to had seen Season 7, Episode 13. This is your last warning, the first sentence below has major spoilers. Bye!!




Bellamy is dead. And I have a lot of opinions on this.

I don’t know about you guys, but from the very beginning of this season I’ve thought that Bellamy would die. I just think it was a valid plot line and I expected it. I still think that others, like Raven, Clarke and Echo, will die as well (obviously, we don’t know yet). However, never in a million years did I think that such an amazing and influential character would have the absolute WORST death in the entire show.

Bellamy was the main lead from day one. He has always been the resilient one. The hopeful one. The rock and the HEART of this show. It’s true that he has made mistakes throughout the story, but that is one of the main characteristics of The 100. This show has always made us question ethical standards and what’s right or wrong. These characters have been through so many difficult situations, in which the outcomes were never the ‘correct’ answer. So, how does a character that has been here from season 1, who has led the story along with Clarke, who so many people–in and outside the show– love… Is depreciated in such a way?

Bellamy was killed alone. He was killed thinking that his friends hated him. He was killed by his best friend, one of the people he loved the most. And why? For a stupid notebook that she didn’t even grab. I do not understand why she couldn’t have just shot him in the leg… The arm… The HAND… She had to make it a killing shot. THIS IS NOT THE FINALE OF SEASON 4 CLARKE!!!! That happened hundreds of years ago!!! Maybe the time dilation got to her?? Who knows.

After such amazing character development, he deserved better. I didn’t expect him to have a happy ending, necessarily, but I always pictured Bellamy’s death as a sacrifice… As redemption at the very least. I am not kidding when I say that I would’ve preferred that he sacrificed himself for the Sheperd. That would’ve been more believable and in character. Bellamy fights for what he believes in, and he protects the people he cares about. THAT is Bellamy. And even though we don’t agree or even understand what he stood for at the end, that would’ve been more believable.

But, do you know who also wasn’t in character? Clarke. It is very hard to believe that she was capable of killing her best friend, whom she had chosen several times before over the entire human race. Their bond was very deep and so meaningful, and I will never believe that she killed him for a stupid notebook. The Clarke I know would’ve found another way. And she definitely wouldn’t have made a killing shot under those circumstances. True, she killed Finn, who she loved at the time. But her journey with Bellamy has been so long and important that I can’t understand how she was capable of throwing that away so easily.

Finally, can we please address what a horrible scene that was? When such an important character dies, they deserve a memorable death. Bellamy was killed in the last ten seconds of the episode. When Lexa died, she got about ten minutes. Even though her cause of death was kind of stupid too, at least we got to see the ritual for removing the flame, we saw Clarke say goodbye. It was a very emotional scene. For Finn, we already know what a big deal that was and how hard and emotional it was for Clarke. He was only on the show for a season and a half. Even Diyoza, who has always been a villain… She got redemption and possibly one of the most amazing death scenes I have ever seen. She died a hero. Bellamy got ten seconds. I didn’t even shed a tear and I cry for everything. EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME. When one of my favorite characters ever dies and I don’t cry, you must know that something went wrong with that.

In peace may you leave the shore.

In love may you find the next.

Safe passage on all your travels,

Until our final journey to the ground.

May we meet again.

I wrote this right after I saw episode 13 and I just saw episode 14. I am pissed, to say the least. Do any of you watch The 100? I really hope so cause I need to talk with someone about what’s been happening. I still won’t say whether or not I like season 7. I’m waiting for the finale. But I would love to know what you guys think so far!