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The Selena Gomez Book Tag & The Fantasy Winter Retreat Book Tag

Hello everyone!! ☀️ No time no see. I hope you’re all doing great. It’s been a while since I wrote a post that wasn’t a review, but I’m proud to say that I’ve been a little better this month in regards to keeping up with all the amazing content that you all create ☺️ I’ve honestly read so many wonderful posts this month that I’m eager to write my wrap-up and share them all with you.

Before we begin, I wanted to let you guys know that this blog is going through some changes. My dad is technologically gifted (it’s impressive really), and he’s very excited with everything I’m doing here on the blog, which means we’re changing some things and updating others. I’m not very good with all the terminology 😬, but long story short I’ve changed the domain and migrated the blog. You guys won’t notice any difference (hopefully) except for one tiny, little, minuscule detail… When I moved the blog, I lost all the likes on my previous posts (bummer 😢 but oh well), but also when I begin to update all those posts I’ve written, all of my responses to all of your comments will be deleted 😭😭

I thought about what I would do for a while, and I’ve decided that I will take the time and excruciating effort to respond again to all the comments from 2021 and my last two posts of 2020 😪 (I will basically copy and paste them, but it’s still a lot of work). Unfortunately, that also means it will probably be very annoying to you that I will be spamming your notifications with old conversations 👀, but I just don’t want to lose all that information. So, I’m sorry in advance to all of you. Don’t feel obliged to like back the comments, you can just mark them as read and ignore them. But, if you do notice anything that’s not working properly, PLEASE let me know. I would really appreciate it!!

Anyway, I really want to get on track with my tags because I’m extremely behind (worse than it’s ever been). So here you go with the oldest tags on my record! I hope you enjoy them 😄!

Selena Gomez Book Tag

Thank you so much Alicia @ A Colorful Bibliophile and Georgia @ Lost in Neverland for tagging me for this 😆!! You guys nominated me months ago, so I’m sorry that it took me so long to complete it. Better late than never though. Definitely check out both their blogs because you’ll find some of the best posts out there 😉.

  • Thank the person who tagged you and leave a link to their blog.
  • Mention the creator of the tag: Nehal @ Books and Words
  • Answer the prompts.
  • Tag at least 5 people.
  • Just have fun!

💕 Love You like a Love Song 💕

A romance novel that is cliché but you still love it

I’ll just go ahead and say the one the whole world seems to be obsessed with in one way or the other — Bridgerton. Honestly, I’m pretty sure these aren’t the best Regency Romance Novels out there, but they sure are entertaining and absolutely adorable 😍! They have so many overused tropes, and some of the scenes are downright ridiculous, but that’s all part of what makes them all so great 😌

💎 Rare 💎

A book with a female protagonist unlike any other

I recently finished Chain of Iron, so I literally cannot say anyone other than Cordelia Carstairs. Ever since I met her I’ve thought she is one of the best characters that Cassandra Clare has ever created 🤩🤩 I love her so much and she inspires me to be a Badass Fighter Queen 😎

💃🏽 Look at her now 💃🏽

A character who suffered a lot (physically/mentally) but eventually recovered and is now at the better end of life

Another recent read… Fire! She is such a strong character that continues to be good despite everything she’s been through. Her life has not been easy, but her resilience and appreciation of everyone and everything around her allowed her to get through it all 🥲

🐺 Wolves 🐺

A book that got you out of a reading slump

My most recent reading slump was at the beginning of quarantine last year, and it lasted MONTHS 🤦🏽‍♀️ And then during the summer (I think 🤔) I read Emma by Jane Austen!! I loved it so much that it didn’t only get me out of that slump, it also gave me that last push I needed to finally start this blog 😄!!

😪 It ain’t me 😪

A character you used to like but not anymore

This one was the hardest of all these questions… But probably Lizzie Bennett 😬🙈 It’s not that I don’t like her, but when I reread the book last year I realized the real extent of her prejudices and (sorry) stupidity. I was so annoyed with her and how judgmental she was that I don’t like the character as much anymore 🤷🏽‍♀️

🌼 Feel Me 🌼

A character you can’t bear to see with anyone else but you

Well, I spent a lot of time thinking about this and couldn’t pick anyone. I love so many characters, but I also love their significant others and wouldn’t want to tear them apart. So… I guess I’ll just skip this one 😅

💔 Same Old Love 💔

A book with an unoriginal and unrealistic romance

If you haven’t heard, I do not like That Boy by Jillian Dodd 😒 It is the only book I have ever given one star. My reasons: the prompt lets you know most of it.

😢 The Heart Wants What it Wants 😢

A book you regret finishing because you miss reading it a lot

Act Your Age, Eve Brown!! It’s the last book I finished and I’m obsessed 😍🤩 I have officially found one of my favorite books of the year. If you guys haven’t read it yet, please give it a shot.

😬 Back to you 😬

A book you read again and again even though you have other books on your TBR pile

I’ve read The Host a lot of times 😅 I think it’s one of my most reread books ever, and although many people hate it, I think it’s amazing ☺️ In fact, I’m getting the urge to read it again soon… But there are so many other things I should be reading. We’ll see though cause I really miss Wanda and Ian 😉

🚨 Hit the Lights 🚨

A book that just made you forget everything else

When I read A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire I was so invested that I could not concentrate on anything else 😆 I know many people don’t like this book either, but (again) I loved it. The third book is only a few days away now and I can’t wait 🤗!!

👀 Tell me something I don’t know 👀

A book people keep recommending you which you already have it in your TBR pile

So many people have recommended The Flatshare to me, and it’s been on my TBR for a long time. However, I started reading it once and I didn’t really like it 😕 The format was unique, but not my cup of tea. Still, I’m keeping it on the list to give it a second shot sometime in the future 🙂

😍 I can’t get enough 😍

A book series/world you just want more and more of

I’ll just go ahead and say Shadowhunters 😂🤷🏽‍♀️ Cassandra Clare could write books about this world and cast of characters for the rest of her life, and I would read all of them 😉 Also, every new series just gets better and better, so it’s not like I would mind either!

I nominate all Disney Channel fans that want to do this!

The Fantasy Winter Retreat Book Tag

Once again, I was nominated for this by the wonderful Georgia over at Lost in Neverland! So sorry for the delay Georgia, but I’m so happy you nominated me for this because it was incredibly fun to do 😄!!

This tag was created by Sumedha @ Wordy Habitat.

Step One: Travel destination and accommodation

I would love to go to someplace snowy in the mountains 🏔 I’ve never seen snow, so being able to share that experience with great fictional characters would be a dream vacation 😍

Step Two: Who’s Joining!?

~ A fun character who’s presence would cheer up any situation ~

Definitely Eve Brown! She is so amazing and always willing to help and make people happy 🤗 Also, she would probably cook everyone delicious, homey food 😋

~ A character who would parent everyone ~

Maybe… Eadlyn? I think she’s a little too mean to parent everyone, but she is a queen and definitely capable of it 👑 Besides, I actually like her (unlike 99% of the people that have read this series), so I have faith in her 😉

~ A character who would plan games and other activities ~

Without a doubt, Prudence from Instant Karma. I don’t think there’s anything she loves more than putting together activities 😅 She would thrive as the organizer and we would all have daily itineraries of everything we’re gonna do.

~ A character who would rather cozy up in blankets and sleep/laze around all day ~

I would love to cozy up in blankets with Chloe. She’s not lazy, but she does need loads of rest, and her mean personality is very entertaining in my opinion 😂

~ A character who had to cancel other plans to be here ~

Definitely Magnus and Anna. They are the most social and likable characters to ever exist, and their social agenda is endless 📝 In order for them to join this vacation, I’m sure they would have to cancel several other plans 👀

~ A character who brought their work along with them ~

I would love to bring the wonderful and incredibly genius Stella to this retreat, but she would definitely bring her work along with her 🤷🏽‍♀️ I can’t imagine her being away from it for longer than a few days.

~ A character who would not leave their partner’s side ~

If I invited Poppy, I’m sure that both Casteel and Kieran would tag along as well. It might be impossible for them to be apart at all. We rarely see any one of them without the other 😬

~ A character who is amused by everyone’s antics ~

Almost every single person on this list! I think I picked a bunch of sassy characters that would be amused by everyone around them 😆

Everyone who wants to do this tag is welcome to, but I’m not directly nominating anyone because I think almost all of you guys have done it already. If you haven’t, consider yourself tagged by me ☺️!!

Let me know who you would bring to a retreat! And also a character you used to love but don’t anymore!