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Couples that I DON’T Ship

Hello everyone!! I hope you’re all having a lovely day ☀️ If you’ve read some of my recent posts, you probably already know that I’m the type of person that ships EVERYONE. I mean, as long as they look in love and happy, I fully support the couple (most of the time). Then I said that it would be much harder for me to come up with couples that I DON’T ship, and I thought that was a very interesting idea. So today I bring you a list of some of the couples that I don’t ship or like very much. Believe me, it wasn’t easy to come up with all these. I had to look for lists and articles online with famous TV and book couples because it was very hard to think of all these on my own 😅 However, I just want to clear up that the fact that I don’t like these couples doesn’t mean they’re bad or have anything wrong with them, it’s just my personal opinion.

Before we begin, I want to apologize in advance 😅 I got really… passionate on my opinions while writing this. But I thought it was funny, so I decided to not edit out all of it. Of course I respect everyone’s opinions and I would love to hear them as well. It’s just that I tend to get riled up when talking about characters that I don’t like.

Well, without further ado, let’s head on to the post!

Bella and Jacob — Twilight

Let’s start with the most obvious one. Bella and Jacob… A branch of one of the most well known love triangles of our generation. It only became that much worse with the films, which took full advantage of the angst and rivalry between Edward and Jacob. I mean, who could ever pick between a vampire and a werewolf?

I’m sorry folks, but I am Team Edward all the way 🤷🏽‍♀️ Yes, I know it’s weird. Yes, I know it’s toxic. Yes, I know it’s not practical. But I didn’t really know any of this when I first read it, I just knew that I preferred Edward. I honestly don’t have an issue with Jacob, I actually really like his friendship with Bella. However, Jealous Jacob is annoying AF 🙄 And Jealous Jacob is present in about 90% of this series. I know many people prefer him cause it was the most rational choice, but it’s a book. It’s fiction. It’s ENTERTAINMENT. So I don’t ship them. And that love triangle was not entertaining or fun to read, at all. Then the whole Reneesme thing… What was Stephenie Meyer thinking?

Dan and Serena — Gossip Girl

Of course, Gossip Girl had many of the tropes that we know and (kind of) love. In this case, we have the typical trope of the ‘nerd’ guy that has a huge crush on the most popular girl. Dan and Serena have had a unique relationship from the very beginning, making everyone wonder whether or not they would end up together (you won’t get that information here), but this couple has been one of the most popular and debated ones from the show. They fought and reconciled countless times, but it was always hard to determine what would happen with them in the finale.

If you’ve seen Gossip Girl, I really hope you agree with me. I don’t like Dan or Serena. AT ALL. They are both in my list of my least favorite characters EVER 😒 I think they’re both annoying and only cause drama on top of all the other drama 😤 (Disclaimer: I’m talking about the characters, not the actors.) Unsurprisingly, them as a couple was infinitely uninteresting for me, and I couldn’t care less about what happened with them.

** SPOILERS Falling Kingdoms Series (Books 4 and 5) **

Jonas and Lucia — Falling Kingdoms

The rebel and the witch… Such an unusual pair. Jonas and Lucia had very different stories throughout the series, and it was truly a surprise when their journeys collided. I think most were excited to see the dynamic between the two, considering that they are starkly different. I think no one ever imagined that, at the end, there might be a relationship between them.

I’m sorry people, but I read the whole Falling Kingdoms series, and I still don’t like Lucia. She’s HORRIBLE 😫 I don’t like that mini redemption arc that she got, it didn’t convince me. I think she’s awful and Jonas is way better than her. I can’t get over the fact that they ended up together. That is probably one of the few things I didn’t like about the ending of this series. If you want to know more about why I don’t like Lucia I rant about it in my review for the series (spoiler free).

Rory and Dean — Gilmore Girls

One of the biggest debates among those that have seen Gilmore Girls is who is the best out of all of Rory’s boyfriends. Dean was her first love, which it’s very hard to get over. At the beginning, they proved to be adorable; the typical, teenage relationship that we rarely get to see. However, as things progressed and the characters grew up, they were forced to face new challenges that put them to a test. I think that Dean and Rory really tried to make their relationship work, but the choices they made under the circumstances weren’t the best.

Ok, so I’ve been seriously debating whether or not to include this couple in the list because I think some people might get upset. But the thing is, out of all of Rory’s boyfriends, I like Dean the least. He started off pretty good, but as the story progressed, he got worse and worse. I’m aware that Rory’s no saint, I’m not saying that he’s awful and she’s not. But the storyline and the situation was bad. I didn’t like what the writers did with their relationship and I didn’t ship them together.

Cristina and Owen — Grey’s Anatomy

Who would have ever thought that after the Burke debacle, Cristina would fall so deeply in love again? When Owen Hunt first appeared, he was presented as an intense, brooding hero, of who (obviously) we all were dying to know more about. Their love story was complicated from the very beginning, but most harbored the hope that, eventually, things would look up and they might overcome the unavoidable tragedy that comes with being characters in Grey’s Anatomy.

I CAN’T STAND OWEN HUNT. How is he still on this show???? Most importantly, how come he keeps marrying people he doesn’t really know 🤨? I mean, if you claim to be in love with someone, you must know them pretty well, right? Well apparently that’s not Owen’s jam. Honestly, this relationship was horrible from the very beginning. I know that they cared a lot about each other, but it was very toxic. They kept coming back to each other despite the fact that they didn’t want the same things and weren’t willing to compromise, which made them miserable all of the time 😕 I know it’s not always easy to let go, but this was very strained and drawn out. I didn’t like the story.

Ross and Rachel — Friends

The ultimate on and off relationship. One for the books. Ross and Rachel are one of the most beloved TV couples ever. Most fans sat at their TV’s, season after season, wondering if the two would ever get back together. We all wondered if, finally, they would be able to actually sit down, talk, and get over what happened. Because, at the end of the day, they were very good friends (pun intended 😉).

I am one of the biggest Friends fan you will ever know. It’s my favorite show (so this might be surprising). It’s not that I don’t like Ross and Rachel, but I don’t really care for their relationship 😬 At the beginning, they’re great, and I even enjoy the whole We-Were-On-A-Break storyline. Still, I think it’s a little annoying how at times (actually all of the time) one of them is into the other, but it’s not corresponded. Or how they get jealous all of the time and play around with the idea of getting back together without actually wanting to… It’s a lot of things. I’ve always felt like Rachel likes being the center of attention and, when she isn’t, she does her best to be on the spotlight again.

Lara Jean Covey and Peter Kavinsky — To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

Lara Jean has such a beautiful personality that one can’t help but root for her and her happiness. The fact that she writes a letter for herself to get over her crushes was so unusual, but simultaneously relatable. When we got to meet Peter and they were thrown into this ‘fake’ relationship scenario, we really hoped that things would turn out in their favor. I mean, who wouldn’t want Lara Jean to finally capture Kavinsky’s heart after so many years of friendship?

I don’t like Lara Jean and Peter. Weird, I know 😕 I do like the book series, and I had fun reading about them, but that’s it. I didn’t really care if they were together or not. It’s not that I wanted them to be with other people or anything, I just… I don’t know how to describe it. They didn’t really capture me. Their chemistry didn’t really convince me 🤷🏽‍♀️ It was cute though.

Isabelle and Simon — The Mortal Instruments

After being forcefully thrown into the Shadowhunter world, Simon was definitely a fish out of water. Isabelle, on the other hand, is the epitome of confidence and bad*ss. Having these two together didn’t seem as an option at first, and I bet most wondered if Simon could ever get over his best friend. I mean, first love isn’t easy to overcome (as stated previously). However, both these characters yearned for a connection, someone that would love them unconditionally, in a world where everything could be torn away in an instant. This romance could be defined as somewhat of a slow burn, but worth it and definitely endearing.

Ok, let me explain.

When I started reading the Shadowhunter books, I knew that Isabelle and Simon got together eventually and I was really looking forward to it. Whenever they had scenes together I was elated and I couldn’t wait for the romance. BUT, the way that they started ‘dating’… I hated it 😬 I did not like that situation in the least. Unfortunately, that kind of tainted my overall opinion of the relationship. By the time that they were really together and had fallen in love, I was already uninterested 🙈 STILL, I have to admit that reading about them in other series (like The Eldest Curses) is making me like them more and more. I do think they’re a good couple, I just hated the way that it started, so I didn’t really ship them.

Do you guys ship these couples? Are there any that you don’t? I would love to know!