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February 2021 TBR

*GASP* Is this me actually doing a TBR 😳? Cherish this moment folks, cause this is a rare occasion πŸ˜‚πŸ˜¬

Hello guys! β˜€οΈ I hope you’re all having a great day! As you probably already noticed, today I will be sharing with you my TBR for February. I rarely, very very very rarely, do TBRs because I never actually follow them through πŸ™ˆ I’m the biggest, most volatile mood reader that you will ever know and, most of the time, if I say I’m gonna read something, I don’t. I did try to be as vague as possible and include books that I HAVE to read this month. Still, don’t hold me accountable because the fact that this list will change is inevitable πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ I promise I will make my absolute best effort, but I will probably definitely change my mind on some of these.

A second reason I’m excited for this post is because I will be basing this TBR on the prompts of Alicia’s Monthly Bingo that she hosts over at her blog, A Colorful Bibliophile. I’ve talked about this a few times already, and I think that all of these are so cool πŸ˜† Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to participate last month, but I’m making the effort this time around to support her! Definitely check out her blog, because it is AMAZING, and do try to participate in the Bingo as well. I will be sharing the template and link down below in case any of you are interested!

~ Female Friendships & Read in One Sitting ~

So the first book in my TBR is Until Cece by K.D. Robichaux, and I’m doing great cause I already finished it πŸ˜„!! I did not plan to read this so fast, but I’m glad I did because I loved it. However, this isn’t a wrap up or a review, so I won’t gush about it now. At least I have two prompts down!

~ Pink Cover & Found Family ~

For this I’ve picked A Pho Love Story by Loan Le! I’m so excited about this one because it sounds like a Romeo and Juliet retelling, which I always think are very fun. I’m not sure if the prompts fit it perfectly, but I’m hoping they do πŸ‘€

~ Young Adult & City Setting ~

Number three on my list is Instant Karma by Marissa Meyer. I love the books I’ve read by this author, and I’m excited for this contemporary romance because I think it’s her very first one! This is also the book of the month for the book club BOOKS GO BOOM!! (hosted by Cherelle @ A Bolt out of the Book and Ashmita @ The Fictional Journal). Again, I’m not sure if this is set on a city, but it looks like it so I’ll count it πŸ˜‰!

~ Red on the Cover ~

This month I will also hopefully be reading The Revelation of Light and Dark by Sawyer Bennett. I received an ARC for this one, and I’m very intrigued. I’ve only read contemporary romance from this author before, and I this is her first urban fantasy. Also, all the books in the series will come out two weeks apart from each other 😱, so that we don’t have to wait too long (how cool is that?!?!). I think this has a lot of potential and I can’t wait to get to it as well ☺️

~ Sequel to a Series ~

In January I read Graceling and really liked it, so I want to continue on and read Fire, which is the next novel in the series. I know that these can all be read as standalones, but the overall experience is much better if they’re read in order. I’m already in love with this world and I can’t wait to meet this new cast of characters, which I’ve heard are as good as the original ones πŸ˜„

~ African Mythology ~

And last, but not least, a book I will definitely be reading this month (because it’s required reading for class πŸ˜…) is Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe! Now, I KNOW that this isn’t African Mythology (it’s Historical Fiction), but I’m bending the rules a little for this one to fit my plans (I hope that’s ok 😬). However, I am interested in reading African Mythology in the future because it is a topic that I basically know nothing about. So, if you have any recommendations, please let me know!

I didn’t pick anything for the other prompts because I don’t want to bite more than I can chew. I do think that I might complete the Book I Love, Arranged Marriage, and Romance prompts (the last one is a given cause literally everything I read is romance πŸ‘€), but we’ll see what happens. As for the other activities I will try to do them as well!

But I also want to know if you guys are doing the bingo? If you are, what are some of the prompts you’re looking forward to? If you’re not, let me know some of the books you’re hoping to read this month!