A RANT on Pride and Prejudice

I recently reread Pride & Prejudice and, soon afterwards, I rewatched the movie (the 2005 adaptation). So, with the story fresh in my mind, I thought I would do a comparison between both. It is always fun to point out what the adaptation did differently and what could’ve been better. I struggled to think how I would to this, so what I decided is to include my actual notes and then explain them to you. I think this will be more entertaining and hopefully relatable for you all.

At the ball, why did Elizabeth laugh after seeing Mr. Darcy. Am I the stupid one?

Look, I’m not trying to be mean. I really liked Keira Knightly’s performance and I love Elizabeth Bennet (even though she does piss me off at the beginning of the book). But I just don’t understand why she laughed so much. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, the specific scene I was watching at this moment was when Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy arrive to the public ball and everyone stops to watch them. After they walk past Elizabeth she laughs. WHY??? Honestly, I don’t get it, if someone does, please explain it to me. I understand that Elizabeth finds many things amusing, but I just don’t get this.

Mr. Bennet actually likes his wife in the movie.

In this adaptation, Mr. Bennet is affectionate towards his family and he clearly loves his wife. Even though I think this is very sweet, that is not how he’s supposed to be. I love this character’s attitude in the book, it cracks me up. I don’t understand why they decided to change this because I think Mr. Bennet’s personality is very influential in the dynamic amongst the family and how they treat each other. Also, his personality is what justifies the fact that Elizabeth is his favorite daughter, so I don’t buy that with this new attitude he was actually as fond of Elizabeth, and if he was, it wasn’t for the same reasons as before.

“What would you recommend to encourage affection?” “Dancing”. LOVED IT.

I loved this scene SO MUCH. One of the main differences between the movie and the book are the dialogues. The writers tried to make the movie a bit more unique, so they altered many of the scenes and the conversations amongst the characters. I am a bit disappointed about some of the conversations that weren’t include, but… I really enjoyed what they changed. This scene, in particular… I think it’s one of my favorite ones. Darcy is being his usual brooding and ill-tempered self. He refused to dance with any of the women at the ball and, obviously, Elizabeth manages to reproach him for it. But do you want to know what I truly love about this?? It’s not only Ms. Bennet’s attitude, but the fact that later on HE ASKS HER TO DANCE. This might seem insignificant to many, but I love Mr. Darcy and I really like the fact that he was trying to demonstrate his affection, even though she didn’t notice that.

I didn’t really mind Mr. Collins.

I’ll be honest with you, I like Mr. Collins in the books. He doesn’t bother me at all and I don’t consider him a bad person. True, he can be very annoying and ridiculous, but I honestly don’t understand why they treat him as poorly as they do (I know that he’s the heir to Mr. Bennet’s estate, but it’s not his fault and it’s not like he will give it up). In the movie, I like Mr. Collins even more. I think he is adorable and sweet. I really understand why he is the way he is. I mean, it is evident that he has been shunned, one way or the other, for most of his life. That is why he is constantly looking for reassurance and he wants people to like him. He is good and I like him.

Bingley looks very stupid in the movie.

I don’t have anything against Mr. Bingley or the actor, let me clear that up. I just think that, in a lot of scenes, he looked kind of dumb (his facial expressions I mean).

Lydia is soooo annoying.

I imagine not everyone feels the same way I do, but I hate Lydia. I don’t like her at all, not in the movie, not in the book. I think she’s selfish, spoiled, reckless, and stupid.

Elizabeth, some people are SHY. Please give Darcy a break. Thank you.

I just don’t understand why Elizabeth can’t acknowledge that he’s shy. I understand that she’s supposed to be prejudiced and that she’s mad at him. I know she thinks that he’s just being arrogant or whatever… But it really makes me mad. I know what it’s like to not be able to speak to people that you don’t know and it’s very hard. She’s constantly judging him and she thinks he’s the most despicable and horrible person ever and it’s very annoying.

Some additional thoughts:

  • I really like that Mr. Darcy cares so much about Elizabeth’s opinion of him and he immediately tries to set the record straight.
  • The relationship between Elizabeth and Jane isn’t as close in the movie.
  • I LOVE Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner sooo much in both the movie and the book.
  • Georgiana is much more outgoing in the movie. She’s not much like her character in the book.
  • I think their relationship was a bit rushed in the movie. It seems as if the moment that Elizabeth read the letter she fell in love with Mr. Darcy.
  • I DON’T like Mrs Bennet. She’s ridiculous and annoying. Only cares about money and connections and definitely doesn’t love any of her daughters equally.
  • I hate how Mrs. Bennet treats Darcy.
  • I LOVE the scene in the movie when Bingley and Darcy are rehearsing their visit to the Bennet’s.
  • The proposals are immensely different in the movie and book, but I love them both. They’re each romantic in their own way.
  • Some of the quotes that I liked the most towards the end of the movie:

I could not have parted with you my Lizzy, to anyone less worthy.

If any men come for Mary or Kitty send them in, I’m much at leisure.

You may only call me Mrs. Darcy when you are completely, incredibly, and incandescently happy.

What do you guys think about the 2005 movie adaption? Is it you favorite? If not, which one do you prefer? Also, do you agree with my thoughts on the movie? Is there anything else that you would like to point out? Let me know in the comments! I would really like to know what you guys think!