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Read It or Weep | Weird Books I’ve Read

As I looked at my Read List on Goodreads I realized the impressive number of weird books that I’ve read. With this I mean books that almost no one has read, that most people don’t like or… Obscure books? I’m not sure if that’s the proper way to describe them, but, basically, these are books you have probably never heard about. When I was younger I read lots of unusual books because I had access to a limited amount of stories. So, if you see a READ IT next to the book I think that it might be worth it, however, if you see a WEEP I don’t think said book is worth your time (and I will be seriously judging myself cause I can’t believe I’ve read some of these).

Always You by Kirsty Moseley –> WEEP.

I don’t even know what to say about this one. It’s a romance but it’s very weird. I think it might’ve been originally published in Wattpad and it became so famous that a publisher picked it up. Nonetheless, I do remember that I thought it was entertaining enough and very VERY angsty. I don’t recommend it and I wouldn’t read it again, but if you’re in the mood of reading a drama filled, exaggerated plot, then you should give it a shot.

Prom and Prejudice by Elizabeth Eulberg –> WEEP.

Oh God. No. Just no.

I don’t recommend this at all. I think it butchered Pride and Prejudice (cause it’s a retelling if you couldn’t tell). I didn’t like this book.

The List by Siobhan Vivian –> READ IT.

I think this book was interesting enough. I don’t remember enough of it but I would definitely reread it because I think it had a nice message.

Geek Girl by Holly Smale. –> WEEP.

The only reason I started and finished this was because a friend of mine gave me this book as a birthday gift. I think that both the characters and the plot were a little childish and I couldn’t relate or understand anything that was going on.

Play With Me by Piper Shelly –> WEEP.

Again, a romance. I enjoyed this very much when I first read it but… I wouldn’t read it again. If I’m not mistaken this is an enemies to lovers with a very simple plot. It’s nothing outstanding but, it’s not that bad either. If you want to read a light romance this is perfect, but there are better ones.

What are some of your unusual reads? Do you think mine were? I honestly would like to know because I just feel that no one but me has heard of these. Let me know!