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The ABC Book Challenge | Letter ‘B’

Hey guys! How are you all doing? I hope that everything’s going ok. I know I’m a bit stressed with school. I officially finished my midterms, but now I’ve got a bunch of projects to finish up in the next couple of weeks. They’re all fairly interesting and I’m very excited, but still, it’s school. In my opinion, even when we love it, it can be a little tedious. However, writing this post was very fun and I’m very excited to share some of the memorable titles I’ve read that start with the letter B. Honestly, this was a very long list, and I had to narrow it down quite a bit. Still, it wasn’t that hard to do, and, fortunately, I was able to include books I hardly ever talk about, which I’m very happy about!

Memorable titles that start with a ‘B’

Before Jamaica Lane by Samantha Young

Before Jamaica Lane is the third book in the On Dublin Street Series. They are romance books that can be read as standalones, though I do recommend reading them in order if you want to read them all. I enjoyed this installment very much and loved all the tropes that it had. It is perfect if you enjoy reading friends-to-lovers/ friends-with-benefits type of books. These are not my favorite tropes, but this author did a great job with them. I’m actually writing a post on Romance Series Recommendations soon, so watch out for that if you want to know more about these books.


Bloodlines by Richelle Mead

This is the first book of the spinoff series of Vampire Academy. Even though it stands on its own, I do think you should read the original series first. Bloodlines is amazing overall, and I am having so much fun reading it. It is a great first book and I love Sydney (the main character). She is very different from Rose (the main character of VA), but has a very strong personality as well. For some reason this author is kind of a slow read for me. I usually binge book series, but I didn’t binge VA and I’m not doing it with Bloodlines either. Despite that, I am loving it and can’t wait to see how everything will turn out.


Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer

Sorry to all the people that don’t like Twilight, but I do. Yes, I know that Edward and Bella’s relationship isn’t the healthiest. Yes, I know it is very angsty. Yes, I know it can all be a little creepy. But, guess what? I’ve loved Twilight for many many years, and I still really like it, even if I know that some parts of it can be a little ridiculous. Breaking Dawn is the last book in the series and my favorite. Personally, I think it’s ironic how much I like it, considering that I don’t like Jacob. For those that haven’t read it, there is a big chunk, smack in the middle of the book, written from Jacob’s POV. It makes sense story-wise, but yes, it was kind of hard for me to read. Still, I really like this book, and I have a lot of fun whenever I reread it.


Breathe Annie, Breathe by Miranda Kenneally

PEOPLE. I LOVE Miranda Kenneally. I don’t understand how not many people know her books. The Hundred Oaks series are YA romance novels, and I’ve loved them for a long time. Breathe Annie, Breathe is my absolute favorite of these and I reread all of the time. I think it is a beautiful story, with a great message. Please pick this up if you enjoy contemporary books. It is truly amazing. While you’re at it, just read all of the Hundred Oaks (if you want to know more about it, it will also be featured in my post about Romance Series).


This post was actually so fun to write! I think the books from this list are all great and I really hope you guys consider reading some of these. What are some books that start with a ‘B’ that you like? Have you read any of these?