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Release Blitz & Review | Until Amy (Happily Ever Alpha World)

Spoiler Free Review

ARC kindly provided by Give Me Books and Boom Factory Publishing, LLC in exchange of an honest review.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🌟 / 5 stars.

Author: Jessica Ames.

Release Date: February 5, 2021.

Genre: Contemporary Romance.

Trigger Warnings: sexual assault, kidnapping.

“That’s all we need in life. To be loved.”


As a member of the Untamed Sons MC London, I have one job—to be loyal to my club. After a rat is discovered in the Tennessee chapter, I’m sent overseas to try to hunt him down. I didn’t expect to find Amy. I don’t deserve a woman like her, not when I have my own demons from my time in the Army, but I want her.


Falling for a dangerous biker was never part of my plan, but I can’t let go of Whizz. I don’t care that my family doesn’t approve or that everyone I know keeps warning me to stay away from the outlaw. He’s mine and I’m not walking away, but that might not be my choice. When my life is threatened the only person who can save me is Whizz and the Untamed Sons.

Until Amy is part of Aurora Rose Reynolds’ Happily Ever Alpha World.  If you loved Until Harmony, then you will want to read Until Amy.

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Author Bio: Jessica Ames

Jessica Ames resides in a small market town in the Midlands, England. She lives with her crazy terrier and when she’s not writing romance books, she’s playing with crochet hooks!

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Until Harmony is, by far, my favorite book from all of the Until Series. And Until Amy is very similar to it, so I’m not surprised that I had a blast with it. Now, I want to clear up that even though they’re similar, they are not the same. This book is very original and has a different approach to bikers and their lifestyles.

On that note, the plot was *chefs kiss* exquisite. I could not put it down once and read it in one sitting. I was absorbed into this world and the characters and the writing… *sigh* Yes, I know that I haven’t said anything substantial yet, but I needed to gush first.

I’m never giving up on us.

On a more serious note, the plot development and the pacing were perfect. There was a good amount of excitement, romance, action, and seriousness. There was a lot of emphasis on sexual assault (which I really appreciated), and it turned out that most of the book was centered around it. I thought that the author approached this in a very respectful, yet realistic manner. Our main character, Amy, and some of our secondary ones as well were heavily affected by what they went through (before and during the book), and to the extents of my knowledge, their feelings and reactions to everything properly reflected how hard such attacks can be on victims. Still, I loved that they continued to be strong and that they referred to themselves as survivors rather than victims of assault.

Now, the romance… There isn’t much to say besides everything that I already did. I thought that Shane’s and Amy’s relationship was adorable and so beautiful. I really liked getting to know Jessica Ames’ biker world, specially because of how important it was to their love story. If you don’t know what I mean, this author already has a series on this biker group, and she decided to do a crossover between those and the Happily Ever Alpha World! She seamlessly combined her style with that of the Until Series, and I’m extremely impressed. The dynamic between our main characters (how much they supported each other / their concern and respect towards one another) is a very important part of all these books, and it was present throughout the entirety of this novel as well.

That’s not what our life is about. It’s about freedom without judgment.

Overall, I will definitely be reading more books by this author because I loved her writing style and creativity. If you enjoyed Until Harmony, I assure you, you will like this one too. This is perfect for fans of romance and not-so-hard-core action!