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A RANT on Chain of Gold

So, I have lots of thoughts on this book that I decided not to include in my review because I try to not include spoilers on those. However, I can’t not talk about certain things of this book. There is SOO much to discuss. So, if you haven’t read this book, I really recommend not reading this. THERE ARE A LOT OF SPOILERS IN THIS. But, if you don’t mind spoilers continue on! Everyone is welcome to read how I rambled on about certain things in this story!

Alastair and Cordelia Carstairs

I LOVE the Carstairs. I love Alastair and Cordelia so so so so much. They have entered my list of favorite characters and I really don’t think anything that happens will be able to deter my opinion of them. I love their relationship and how much they love each other. However, at the same time, it’s kind of different from all the other siblings that we usually see. I feel like we either get the sibling that love and trust each other to death or the ones that absolutely hate each other. I think Alastair and Cordelia are so realistic and I LOVED watching them grow closer and learn new things about each other as the story progressed.

“Alastair is rather awful,” she admitted, “but I don’t think he means to be.”

Basically from the very first time that he appeared, I fell in love with Alastair. I immediately knew that he was one of the troubled characters that eventually redeems themselves and accepts and loves himself. I LIVE for this trope. I am a sucker for this specific type of character growth. Doesn’t matter how many times I read about it. I am aware that he still has to apologize for a lot and that he’s not entirely good and whatever… He WILL apologize, he WILL make things right. I KNOW he will. He’s just misunderstood. Also, I really really liked what he did to protect Cordelia from the truth about their dad. I thought it was sweet and it truly demonstrated how much he cares about her.

“Because I never wanted you to know!” Alastair burst out. “Because I wanted you to have a childhood, a thing I never had. I wanted you to be able to love and respect your father as I never could.”

And Cordelia… I don’t think I’ve liked a hero as much as I like her recently. In stories, the heroes always have qualities that annoy the crap out of me. They either don’t know the meaning of self-preservation or are stupid decision makers and ALWAYS jump into impossible situations with no way out. I think we have all been forced to just accept this for plot’s sake. BUT NOT CORDELIA. Cordelia is amazing. She is fearless but clever, she is selfless but careful… SHE IS BALANCED and I LOVE that.

Alastair, I don’t want anyone to be cruel to you. I want you to be with someone who will make you happy.

Cordelia considered. “Cortana has one sharp edge and one dull one,” she said. “Because of that, it has often been called a sword of mercy. I want to be a merciful hero.”

Anna Lightwood & Others

I did not expect to like Anna so much. She is such a great character. Anna Lightwood is the embodiment of confidence and I’m really excited about learning more of her in the next book. In Chain of Gold she didn’t have that big of a role, she was kind of there to help the main crew. But, at the end we see that she notices something weird going on with James, Cordelia and Grace… I really hope that she’s one of the first people to discover that whole deal and to help them get out of that problem. Also, I really liked that she was some kind of big sister for Cordelia. From the moment that she invited over for tea I knew that I would like this friendship (that is one of my favorite scenes I think). Anna is just so mysterious and cool that I want to know what’s really going on with her.

I really loved every single character in this book. I think every personality is very unique and it is clear that they all will have a very important role to play in this story. I think Matthews is so caring, Thomas is though but sweet, Christopher is the most adorable and smart character in this entire book (AND it was hinted that he creates the fire messages), Anna is just pure confidence and soooo badass, Lucie is the most loyal and funny Herondale I think… I just have amazing things to say about everyone.

Grace Blackthorn

Nope. That’s a lie. I hate one person in this story. I LOATHE Grace Blackthorn. I cannot stand her. I don’t even mind Tatiana if I’m being honest, but I do not like Grace. At. All. I think is despicable and basically has no heart. I do not feel sorry for her, I do not understand her motives. She’s just a crazy person and, for some unknown reason to me, nobody (except for Matthew (kind of)) is suspicious of her… HOW? I understand that there’s probably more going on with her, but at this moment in time I cannot think of something that will make me like her or redeem her in my eyes.

Jesse Blackthorn

I really hope to see Jesse Blackthorn’s comeback. I know that we’ve already seen the drawbacks of bringing people back to life… But I like Jesse way too much. I refuse to believe that this is the last we will see of him. I need more about him and Lucie, even if it’s the weirdest ship ever, I really don’t care. I basically fainted when Jesse gave up HIS LAST BREATHE to save James. I was so torn, cause I didn’t want James to die obviously, but how are they supposed to bring Jesse back now?? Jesse can’t die, I refuse to see him die, the just can’t happen.

Then her brother’s chest lifted with Jesse Blackthorn’s last breath.

James’ Willpower

How amazing is it that James, again and again and again, did not give in to the pressure??? People, this is SO REFRESHING. Do you know the amount of times that the demons tried to lure him in and he was like NOPE. I mean, it doesn’t matter what they said to him, he would not have any of it because he knows how bad it can all turn out. He actually learned something from what happened to his parents.

I think one of my favorite scenes is when Grace is begging him to marry her and he says NOOOO. SEVERAL TIMES. I was so glad that he is that strong. Even under that weird spell, he was able to prioritize what’s really important. He loves his family and friends so much that he was able to fight against Grace and not let her manipulate him. I think it really showed a lot about his character and how strong he is. Now, he just needs to figure out that that stupid bracelet it’s what’s confusing him so much. Then, I will be happy.

“In other words,” said James, “you would be losing nothing, and I would be losing everything.”

He says this when Grace want to elope with him and tells him that it doesn’t matter if they get their marks stripped (in other words, I hate her).

I really recommend PolandbananasBOOKS (aka Christine Riccio’s) book talk. She is hilarious and it was very fun to watch. Click here to watch her video!

What are some of the things that you loved of this book? What are some of the things that made you want to rip your hair out?