New Adult Reviews Standalones

Review | Hands Down

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Author: Mariana Zapata.

Length: 529 pages.

“It was fine. It was cool. Maybe he was taking a crap.”

Goodreads Synopsis.

Before he was Big Texas, he was Zac the Snack Pack.

Bianca Brannen knows time—mostly—heals all wounds. Including those your once loved ones might have unintentionally given you. (Those just take longer.)

She thinks she’s ready when a call has her walking back into her old friend’s life. Or at least as prepared as possible to see the starting quarterback in the National Football Organization. Before the lights, the fans, and the millions, he’d been a skinny kid with a heart of gold. 

Waltzing out of Zac Travis’s life should be easy. Just as easy as he walked out of hers.

My Thoughts.

Mariana Zapata has a talent that I deeply admire. I don’t know how she does it, but she has an amazing ability of keeping you hooked to the story. This book has over 500 pages and honestly, I feel as if nothing happened. However, I was never bored and I could not stop reading until I finished. I don’t know how she does it.

Even though not much happened, this was an adorable and hilarious story. I loved the characters and this family. I think it was an amazing demonstration of how latin families usually are and how easy it is to be best friends with your cousins and siblings. I thought all of these relationships were so entertaining to read about and they warmed my heart, specially because this novel is bursting with adorable moments that definitely help you understand how strong all of these bonds are.

Luisa was in the middle of giving him a hug when she said, “Uncle Boogie, I called you a punk-a word, but I love you, and Tía Bianca paid me five dollars to say it.”

My cousin blinked, and I caught and edge of his smile before he held out his hand. “Give me half.”


“Give me a kiss then?”

I thought this was one of the most heartwarming dialogues in the book. I loved it.

Bianca’s and Zac’s relationship was a slow burn. And when I say slow, I mean sloooooooow. Sloth type of slow. Nonetheless, this is doesn’t mean that it wasn’t a romance, only that we got to see them become best friends and get closer and closer to one another. Honestly, this was a very beautiful example of how a friendship should be and how the Friends to Lovers trope doesn’t necessarily have to be angsty (which they are 98% of the time).

Overall, I think this was a very fun story and I had a smile on my face the entire time. For those that are wondering, you don’t need to read The Wall of Winnipeg and Me before reading this or know anything about it. I definitely recommend both books but bear in mind that you shouldn’t expect the most amazing, exciting or elaborate stories ever. These are very simple books that will entertain you for a little while.