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End of 2020 Superlatives & 2020 Book Award

Buenos días a todos ☀️!!! I hope you guys had a great day yesterday and have a good one today as well ☺️ If you read my previous post, you probably know that this week I will be trying to catch up on all the tags, and today I will be taking a quick stroll down memory lane and looking back on the books I read on 2020 😉!! I already know that this will be very fun, and please tell me if any of you guys have read these books, and whether or not you agree with my answers!

End of 2020 superlatives

This tag was created by Alex over at The Scribe Owl and it’s her first original tag!! I’m so honored that she nominated me for it and I had a blast picking the books for each prompt 😄 Definitely check out her blog, it is full of fun posts and incredibly reviews!

  • Fill out each of the prompts with your answer. Each character/book you choose has to be one you read in 2020.
  • Tag as many or few people as you want, but preferably somewhere around 10.
  • Have fun and happy new year!!

🦹🏽‍♂️ Best Villain 🦹🏽‍♂️

One of the best villains this year (in my humble opinion) was definitely Sammael from The Lost Book of the White. Although he was very mean and definitely had no redeeming qualities, he was hilarious. Everything he said or did cracked me up. It felt a lot like a Percy Jackson character, which I loved every second of!

😍 Best Main Character 😍

There were so many great characters in the books I read this year and I want to mention all of them. Unfortunately, I can only pick one, so for now I’ll say Jason from The Happy Ever After Playlist. He is such a good person, selfless, kind, and loving. Abby Jimenez could not have created a better love interest if she tried.

👯‍♀️ Best Side Character 👯‍♀️

I admit that I didn’t like him at first, but Jonas grew on me till I ended up loving him. He’s a wonderful character, with an outstanding growth. I’m not very satisfied with the ending that he got, but it wasn’t bad either.

😬 Tough Luck 😬

A character that you’re glad you aren’t

I would not want to be anyone from Verity 😂 Every single character in this book is doing absolutely horrible, and this whole situation is disturbing. Again, I’m very glad I’m not any of them.

Best Place to Raise a Family

A setting (preferably not in our world) that you wouldn’t mind settling down in

The descriptions of all the kingdoms of this book are beautifully written and I would love to live in any of them. Yes, it might be dangerous, but I’ll just wait for a time when they’re not at war and then I’ll move 😁

🌋 Uninhabitable 🌋

A setting you would never want to live in

Any of the dimensions from the Shadowhunter books 😅 Cassandra Clare is really enjoying writing about those at the moment, and so far none of them are very nice.

😎 Most Likely to Succeed 😎

An indie or underhyped book that everyone would like it they just tried it

I think that Kiss My Cupcake by Helena Hunting is very underrated. I will admit that when I picked it up I did not expect to like it as much as I did. It’s fun, romantic, adorable, and steamy. It’s the perfect combination off all the feels and I definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a quick read ☺️

🥳 Life of the Party 🥳

A book that kept you laughing and having a good time

Can I just say that Alexander Claremont-Diaz is one of the most hilarious characters I have ever read about!! There was not one thing that he said that did not crack me up and, because of that, I spent the entire book cackling. Honestly, Casey McQuiston is amazing and I can’t wait to read more of her books 😆

🤯 Most Unforgettable 🤯

A book you couldn’t forget if you tried

I wonder how many times I’ve read this exact same story 😂? This is definitely unforgettable because I’ve consumed Twilight so many times that I know it like the back of my hand–I don’t even want to count the amount of times I’ve read the book and seen the movies, it is absurd.

💎 Most Unique 💎

A book unlike anything you’ve read before

Layla is one of my favorite books of 2020. It is so original, beautiful, and real. This story exceeded my expectations and really made me appreciate the strength of love. I have never read anything like it before, but count on Colleen Hoover to make me reassess the realms of reality 😉

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2020 Book Awards

Thank you so much to Meg @ Meg’s Magical Musings and Riddhi @ Whispering Stories for nominating me for this tag! I think it really reflects how messed up and all over the place 2020 was 😬, so obviously I had a lot of fun completing it!

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  • At the bottom, talk about some other books you read in 2020! (this isn’t required, just suggested!).


😆 A book you were really excited for 😆

I was really looking forward to this book when I first found out about it–Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward are an amazing duo–, and I was not disappointed. This wasn’t only a romance, but a story about family, loss, and all kinds of love. To say that it surprised me would be an understatement.

📚 A book that started out really well 📚

I was so excited about this one, and it started off pretty well, but soon enough it got worse and worse. It’s not a bad book, I just expected much more from it and felt like the story and main plot were overshadowed by the romance as everything progressed.


😳 A book that had an unexpected plot twist 😳

This series is just a huge plot twist. I didn’t want to mention it twice on the same post, but I couldn’t help myself. The turns it takes are mind-shattering. I can’t wait for the third book!

😴 A book where you felt like nothing happened 😴

Unfortunately, I will have to say Alex by Sawyer Bennett. Although I had fun reading this, nothing happened. I can’t even remember most of the plot. The companion novels in the series are much more eventful and thought out, which dims this installment even more.

💔 A book where two main characters were separated 💔

I don’t want to spoil anything, but let’s just say that this broke my heart and reconstructed it, and then trampled it all over again. It was definitely a rollercoaster ride of emotions 😅


👎🏽 A book in which the characters made a bad decision 👎🏽

It’s way harder to pick a book where no one makes a bad decision. Right now I’ll say In a Holidaze because that’s kind of what the book is all about.

🤪 A book with an impatient/overly eager character 🤪

Tink from Wicked needs to chill a little 😂 I mean, I do love him, but his eagerness can be a little annoying. I don’t blame Ren for wanting to kill him most of the time.


📚 A book in which the character’s goals change midway 📚

Faking Under the Mistletoe is the perfect answer for this. Seen as it is a fake-relationship centered romance, I think it’s pretty obvious from the get-go that the characters will eventually have a change of heart.


😄 A book whose sequel you really anticipated/are anticipating 😄

The Bride Test in itself was a sequel that I was anticipating (though I didn’t read it until last year, as it is evident because I included it here), and I’m really looking forward to the last book in this trilogy as well. Helen Hoang is such a talented author and her character and plot development skills are unbelievable.

🤩 A book whose sequel was better than the original 🤩

Even though this book is one of the lowest rated books on my shelves 😬, I had a blast with it. I didn’t like Fix Her Up very much, which made me even more surprised that I enjoyed this one so much. As I’ve said a couple of times before, I think I have a very soft spot for mending-broken-marriages type of books.

😕 A book you read just to finish it (didn’t like it but wanted to finish anyway) 😕

Yes, I am an Aurora Rose Reynolds fan 😌 There is absolutely nothing wrong in liking short, romance novels. They’re entertaining and most of the time much better than the more ‘developed’ books I read. Unfortunately, The Right Wrong Man wasn’t my favorite. I really thought that I would love it, but I was disappointed because the pacing was a little slow and it never captured me.

I nominate:

Definitely let me know some of your answers to these questions! What is a book that disappointed and another one that surprised you in 2020?